A doctor can certainly offer medication for work related stress conditions but not everybody feels comfortable with this approach so Complementary therapies like Nutritional Therapy can offer an alternative approach. It is true to say that “we are what we eat” and the power of food can have a huge impact on your health.

A stressful lifestyle may cause an imbalance of hormones which may leave you fatigued, tired, moody & reaching for sugary foods. This in turn can affect your gut health. See the gut-brain connection belowgi-health-001

Stress can reek havoc on your body and leave you feeling “out of whack”. It can affect your motivation and even affect your fertility.

For those of you who would like to try an alternative method of healthcare, Nutritional Therapy can work wonders. As a complementary therapy it can work alongside orthodox practices or on it’s own.

The process starts with a chat over the telephone where you can explain the symptoms that you are experiencing and this gives the therapist a chance to answer any questions that you may have and ask you further questions to fill in any gaps.  If you decide to take things further, an appointment is then set up in the diary.

Prior to your appointment you are asked to complete an in depth health questionnaire which covers areas of your health, diet, lifestyle and any previous illnesses, operations or even in some case traumatic experiences you may have had. You are also asked to keep a seven day food diary listing all the foods and beverages that you have consumed and when you have consumed them.  Sometimes, the therapist will ask you to include any symptoms as well.

Man talking to his psychiatrist

When you come to your first appointment, this normally lasts about 90 minutes. The therapist will go through your questionnaire with you and ask you to elaborate further on any points to gain a fuller picture of your symptom history. During this appointment it is the therapists aim to become a “health detective” and put together the pieces of your health history and trace today’s symptoms back to the past and why they may have come about.

Sometimes, you may be referred for a laboratory test to seek confirmation of an imbalance. In the case of a stress related condition, we offer a simple saliva test known as an Adrenal Stress Profile which can detect whether your hormones are imbalanced, this helps us to accurately make appropriate recommendations for changes to your diet & lifestyle.  We often see that it’s the simple changes that have a dramatic effect. We can put in place a plan of action and after a few months we can test again to see the internal changes.

In the case of stress related conditions, we can also offer “talking therapies” alongside the nutritional therapy programme. Many find this approach very beneficial as it gives them a chance to verbalise their situation and with the help of the therapist they can put their thoughts in place without judgement and come up with a plan and solution. Our team includes a Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach and Behavioural Change Coach.

We all experience stress every day and a certain amount of stress is good for us. It keeps us alert but sometimes it can overwhelm us and lead to feelings of anxiety and depression leaving us tired, run down and unable to cope with the simplest of activities. Our two pronged approach has seen success in numerous clients who have gone onto living a healthy and fulfilled lives and some cases, they even fell pregnant after years of trying!

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