Businessman Overwhelmed with PaperworkMost of us spend three quarters of our life at work which is why I have always been a great believer in finding a job that provides pleasure and purpose. When I was younger approaching the big decision of what career path to carve out for myself, I asked my parents, “what if I don’t enjoy the career I choose anymore?” Looking back their answer was quite blinkered in that they felt that being employed and in a job was a blessing. This never quite sat right with me. Obviously, a generational thing.

The statistics suggest that 80% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs (Deloittes Shift survey) and this can be down to many reasons:

  • Lack of interest in their role
  • Trouble with communicating effectively with their team/boss
  • Feel undervalued by their team/boss
  • Do not feel their work offers any purpose
  • Too much demand on their time at work , causing stress to set in

This negatively results in more staff sick days, less productivity for companies and staff attrition. There are approximately 13 million working days lost every year because of stress-related illness (HSE) so how do you survive your working life and find enjoyment in what you do.

Where’s your head at???

Focus on the things you do enjoy. Do not give attention to what you hate about your work. By giving stopattention and thought to the negative aspects of your work gives it further power over your conscious thinking.  If you can focus on the positive aspects of your day, work, team, staff this will automatically lift your spirit. Self talk and inner thoughts greatly impact our wellbeing.

So be tough with yourself and “STOP” the negative self talk.

Do you have a purpose in your work?

What is it? Find a purpose in your work. Are the tasks you are set making you feel fulfilled? Reframe your thinking and find a purpose in your job role, talk to your boss about how this is important to you. Maybe they could give you a new project to manage or more responsibility so that you feel more valued as a member of staff. Look at your job role and seek out opportunities where you could initiate new ideas and then pitch them to your boss. Don’t forget to mention the benefits to the company and cost savings (companies love to save money where possible).  You may prefer to take on a social role instead of it being work related. Some people enjoy the role of “social event planning” and creating opportunities for the work force to socially interact which can have a great positive effect on a team or office.  The camaraderie enjoyed by some people whilst they are at work is one of the reasons many stay in with a company rather than for the role itself.

Time for a change?

If you find your job boring, mundane and pointless, maybe it’s time to change it.  Start re-training towards something that interests you. There are many courses out there for adult learners in this position. Don’t under-estimate your current life experience and skills either. Look at what you are passionate about, can you turn this into a career? It is not unusual to change career paths midway through life. Me and my husband know this only too well. He moved from being a Sales Director in a high street bank to now a successful Life and Business Coach. I changed my career when I had two children at home and realised that a full time career in the city was never going to work and just cause me undue stress, tiredness or guilt for leaving the children at home with someone else so I went back to university and studied a BSc in Nutritional Medicine because Nutrition was an interest of mine. We both now love our jobs now as they are extremely purposeful helping clients overcome health issues every day plus the hours are flexible and we get to spend more time enjoying the day rather than wishing it away.

Is it time to look at where you are in your career?

Life Practice UK and Life Practice Nutrition provides bespoke programmes for individuals or companies who want to achieve more success. If you fancy a change in your career but are not sure where to start or your career is effecting your health call us for a free initial telephone consultation on 01462 431112 or visit our websites